Changing of the Guard
To whom it may concern:
Effective immediately I and resigning as SHO Club President and making Ron Porter the Club President and organizer.
My time has become extremely limited to serve the club to the best of my ability, which is unfair to all who read this and attend the National Convention. I took this job on because this is something I wanted to keep going forever and at the time I was the only person that the Mallinsons were willing to give it to, and I wasn’t willing to not have this week long adventure in July with my Friends and family and trade it in for cookouts and other smaller gatherings, I wished to keep it exactly the same as the format was a solid and never seen a reason to change it.. But, I’m not them, I’m a one man band that can’t take time out to check locations or really plan that far in advance like they could. But knowing that this event for 25 years is in the 3rd week in July and having a location just isn’t enough for others.. It was always for me, it didn’t matter where or the details, I was going!!
Over the last 10 years we have lost a lot of good people due to life getting in the way, new kids, marriages, illness, economy, new Jobs, something else that conflicted on those dates, and recently a lot of deaths in the club, also lots of arguing over things lately and that for me is the kicker. Last week I found out that my Uncle was found dead in his Boston Apt, later that day there was another argument/ snide comment about the Convention and in that topic I was told ( OH CRY ME A RIVER), well as most know I have thick skin and normally let this bounce off, but with 10 deaths in 7 years it got to me. Then to find out that it was screen shoted and sent to other people I made my decision that I was done. Doing the convention, basically throwing a week long party for your car friends should not be like this at all, it should be fun, well it’s not, and I’m going the way that most of the original members have gone and that’s on to something else.
Its been my pleasure to be your President, friend, racing buddy, drinking buddy, tow truck driver, cam welder, engine builder and more..
Kirk J Doucette.
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