After sometime of thinking I was not going to do one Ron Porter has talked me into doing one this year, after the failed contract with NCM I was pretty discouraged and was just going to write it off.. So with short notice.. It will be Based out of Kalamazoo Mi, Hotel and track info to follow this week.. Going to be making it a small convention for this year. Dates are July 17th- 20th.

2018 SHO Convention: Tulsa Oklahoma July 16th-19th
Timothy Tyner and i have been discussing this for a long time about bringing it back to Tulsa. Tulsa was my first convention back in 2001 and it was a great time. Tulsa is a great place with many old and new attractions, and the best part is that it has a track that is not ridiculously priced so we can get the Convention back on track. This will be a full convention, with Car Show, Track Day and a Drag Day.

I would like to Thank both Ron and Tim for being good friends and showing the needed support to keep this going.

JC Shaw will be bringing the Website back to life and adding a forum to it as well. Also I will be creating a Convention Committee to help pick places that we can go, make contacts and to make sure that the convention always continues on in the same way that it has and doesn't turn in to a cookout/parking lot party only.